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We offer to customers complete finishing of our models as new service.


In January 2006 we made crucial step in technology improvement and we installed 3D milling machine. This equipment allows x1230 y2000 z130mm modelling. We also offer 3D milling on request. Please, don't hesitate to contact us.

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"Chicco is a competition model of category Discus Lunch Gliders, development and technical solutions created my cooperation with baudismodel. The design is based on my years of experience with category F3K in representational level. Chicco is built with the highest quality composite materials in conjunction with the technology used only by baudismodel gives the greater strength while maintaining weight.
Chicco is produced in two versions-DBox carbon wings and fullcarbon version. RDS pockets are installed in the wing. The fuselage is made by vacuum technology which allows use of nine ribs in the fuselage and tail control surface are controlled by carbon rods. Compared to the use of lines with torsion springs is to control and adjust the model much more accurate. The tail surfaces are milled from a single piece of Rohacell. Which ensures high rigidity while maintaining minimum weight."

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Technical data
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Category F3K /DLG
Wingspan 1495mm
Wing area 21,84dm2
Weight 250-270g
Length 1073mm
Construction: Baudis/Hulik
Aerodinamic design: Baudis/Hulik
Airfoil special F3K
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