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Complete finish servo

We offer to customers complete finishing of our models as new service.


In January 2006 we made crucial step in technology improvement and we installed 3D milling machine. This equipment allows x1230 y2000 z130mm modelling. We also offer 3D milling on request. Please, don't hesitate to contact us.

Typhoon Race 2016, Hong Kong

Great success of Pitbull's pilots in the Typhoon Race 2016, Hong Kong.
Half of the top ten pilots flown with Pitbull in the race. The first and the second place won pilots of Pitbull.
Pitbull's pilots:
Ken Ko (Pitbull light)~ Champion
Kenneth Chan (Pitbull strong)~ 2nd prize
Ho Kwok Wai (Pitbull light)~ 4th
Leung Chi Sang (Pitbull Carbon x 2) ~ 8th
Au Chi Fai (Pitbull strong) ~ 9th
The link "Typhoon Race 2016 results" - http://www.hkrcss.org/F3FGroup2/TR2016/Results.html
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